About Us

Who we are?

Prima Electro ® is a company that offers high quality professional solutions in alternative energy – photovoltaic systems and solutions in civil and industrial electrical installations, owning ANRE certified type B and C1A.

About Us – What do we offer?

They are composed of a team of young professionals with extensive knowledge in renewable energy, eager performance in our field and concerned about the environment in which we live and our neighbors offer:

  • Advice in choosing the optimal solution considering that the price / quality ratio to be in your favor;
  • Equipment that we import from leading manufacturers nationally and internationally;
  •  Implementing solutions with a technical team characterized by vast experience and consummate professionalism;
  • Mentenenanta and a dedicated team to answer your questions anytime on your operation system or the implemented solution.

What is our experience?

We implemented photovoltaic systems in all counties starting from households powered solutions to the full power of electricity consumption for the undertakings.

Our work was not limited to that, but we wanted to offer turnkey solutions in the networked injection, winning for our customers all opinions and agreements necessary for the implementation of projects, and we are proud of our achievements in this moment.

Our certificates

despre noi - Atestat B

despre noi - Atestat_C1a

despre noi - ISO9001_2008

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